Business Ideas

Business Ideas

Here is a starter list of ideas that could be developed into either part time or full time businesses. Some are location specific and some will work just about anywhere. Be sure to check for special certifications and licenses for many of these. Insurance will also be required for some. Others will require additional training. This list will continue to grow over time as more ideas are added.

Outdoor Ideas

Landscaping – mowing the grass, raking leaves, weeding gardens, planting a variety of plants, creating ADA accessible vegetable or flower gardens (raised beds accessible for people with limited mobility), trimming smaller bushes and trees.

Cleaning garbage cans – These can get nasty, but a power washer can clean them out quickly. This could be a monthly service.

Urban hiking tour – These could be interesting sights in your city, architectural walking tours, ghost tours, history tours, graveyard tours, or any other sites of interest.

Nature hiking tour – Do you have notable parks in your area? Many tourists would love to have guided tours of national or state parks.

Organized walking/exercise groups – These can be accountability groups where as the leader, you are there to get people motivated to move. If you have specialty training in a particular exercise (yoga, crossfit training, etc) be sure to tell people.

Dog walking

Pooper scooper – Many dogs stay in yards and the yards need scooping every week. Scooping reduces some bugs like fleas.

Wilderness guide for kayaking, canoeing, rafting, snorkeling, mountain biking, climbing.

Guide for star watching. Got a good telescope? Show others the sky and have sky parties or rent out your services as an addition to an evening party. My brother lives near wineries and they will hire him as an additional attraction when they are having parties at the winery.

Fishing guide with a variety of boats: kayaks, john boats, deep sea fishing boats or fish from shore/piers. Many people have never been fishing so a guide for beginners and children is another idea.

Power washing driveways, fences, and houses. Soft wash power washing is good for houses to prevent the power washer from stripping paint off of the house.

Installing fences

Snow removal

Window washing

Swimming pool maintenance

Washing and detailing cars and other vehicles

You pick Farm – Have some land? Plant fruit trees and bushes and invite people out to pick the fruits. Many farms have turned these into year round destinations by adding picnic areas and a retail area to sell locally grown/crafted foods. Some even have on-site restaurants or small food stands.

Shaved ice cart – I remember these from the Hispanic neighborhoods in Chicago. The cart is half bicycle and half refrigerated box. The owner can move around at will. This yummy summer treat is always popular.

Ice cream cart/truck – A little more involved than the shaved ice cart, but still very yummy. (note: for both of these you could make some extra $$ if you also offered frozen dog treats.)

Photography – Take photos outside and sell them on stock photo sites or take photos of weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries, tourists riding carriages, photo booths for parties.

Creating Classes

Classes can be made online through platforms like Udemy, Thinkific and Teachable. You can also create in person classes for almost topic you can think of:





Balancing a checkbook

Managing your finances/Investing




Learning a language

Belly dancing

Internet Businesses



Videos on Youtube


Web Design

Graphic design for social media and web


Online classes

Virtual Assistant – Find a specialty you love: FB marketing, scheduling appointments for clients, answering emails and customer inquiries, book flights and hotels, plan events, prepare presentations and other office tasks. The list is almost endless. You can work full time or part time, for a business or for a busy executive as a personal virtual assistant.  

Brick & Mortar Businesses

Bakery – for humans, or pets. Keto, gluten free, old world breads, desserts, Find your niche!

Restaurant – the list of cuisines are endless but if you love working in restaurants, this might be for you.

Food truck

Clothing stores

Specialty shops: shoe repair, furniture repair, car repair, musical instrument repair, fix something!


Many states/provences require tradespeople to have special licenses. You may work full time for an employer who allows you to take smaller jobs on the side or you may start your own business.


Painter – House, interior/exterior; Commercial

Mechanic – cars, motorcycles, scooters, trucks, commercial vehicles





The List is Endless

These are just a few ideas for businesses that you could start. I’m sure this list will grow over time! Check back again!