Welcome to Business Ideas Advisor!

We are here to inspire you, help you and cheer you on to success in your business. Whether you are just getting started and need ideas or you may already have a business and need some input, we will try to help you.


In the Ideas section, you will find business and part time job ideas, interviews with small business owners with unique ideas, information on how to narrow down your focus and find your motivating factors in life and how to join an accountability group for defining your personal motivating factors.

The First Year

This section provides you with information on what you need to consider an do during your first year in business. This includes things like the legal structure of your business and legal requirements for doing business in your city, county, and state, marketing to let people know you are in business and accountability groups for helping you to focus on taking steps each week to create your business.

Growing Pains

Small businesses can volunteer to be a case study. The business will present their issues and what they would like help with and our readers and Facebook group can make helpful suggestions to resolve or evolve the issue.

Want to volunteer your business as a case study? Check out the Growing Pains section.


We all need inspiration to help us on those days when we feel life could be better. This section may have a story, podcast or a short video which is meant to lift up your spirits to their have a better day or to motivate you to action.